Advantage and disadvantages of linked list


Today We Will show what is linked list in the data structure and after that, we will show you types of liked lists and advantages and disadvantages in the link list.

But first of all, you know anything about linked list how it’s works. if you know write down a comment below.

What is the linked list:

A linked List is the linear data structure where data are not stored sequentially inside the computer memory but are linked with each other with the help of an address.

Types of linked list:

There are three types of linked list:

  • Singly Linked List
  • Doubly Linked List
  • Circular Linked List

Advantages and disadvantages of linked list

Advantages of a linked list:

  • No wastage of memory
  • No need to use contiguous memory location
  • Insertion and deletion
  • Linear data structure like a stack, Queue can be implement
  • Can store any type of data in the node

A disadvantage of a linked list:

  • Random accessing is not possible.
  • only forward traversal is possible.
  • The binary search algorithm is not possible.
  • Reversing the Linked list is complex.
  • Extra pointer is require

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