AMD Radeon Settings Won’t Open


Today we will see that AMD Radeon settings won’t open. If you also have this problem, it is very easy to solve it. We will see how to solve it.

AMD Radion Settings is a tool for managing all the options of your graphics card and allows you to tweak its performance manually. However, some people have noticed that the program fails to launch after a short time. The problem usually appears after users have updated their graphics card drivers.

How to fix AMD Radeon settings won’t open?

  • Open device manager and go to display adaptor then uninstall your graphics device
  • Check delete the driver for this device and click uninstall
  • Don’t forget your graphics name and series
  • Go to the AMD website and download your graphics specific driver
  • Before installing the driver restart your PC once
  • Now run the software
  • Click install
  • Wait till the end of the process
  • Click finish and run the program

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