Audio Renderer Error


Hello everyone how are you doing this is tuflearner here over another quick tutorial in today’s tour. If you gain an error when you are trying to stream some video there’s an audio renderer error please restart your computer so if you’re trying recently a computer and you’re still having problems.

I am going to go over how to hold to resolve the problem first thing but I would suggest would actually be to restart your computer and see that’s cleared up the issue.

Another thing you can try I would suggest unplugging and plugging back in your headphones or speakers and to see that maybe we’ll be able to resolve the problem.

If Still having problem of audio renderer error Follow these steps:

1: Go To the Start menu and Search Device Manager.


2: Go To Device Manager.

3: In Device Manager Find Sound, Video, and Game controllers and click on this option.

audio-renderer-error-sound-in-device -manager

4: And you see sub-option Realtek high definition audio press right-click on this option.

audio-renderer-error-sound-in-device -manager2

5: Click on Disable option.


6: You See First Popup press YES button after open second popup press No button.

7: After Disable driver, Go to Realtek high definition audio press right-click on this option.

8: Click on Enable option.


9: After you click enable option You See Popup press the NO button.


10: Close all tabs and just restart your computer. The problem is solved.


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