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Today, I am going to show you the best free voice changer for your PC. So if you want to get a free voice changer. That you can use to change your voice to different effects.

I am gonna show you how you can do that. Now for that, we are gonna be using the clownfish voice changer. Which is a free voice changer that you can download right now.

How to download free voice changer:

So you can go to clown flick clownfish translator voice changer simply go to any browser. And type in clownfish and then you should actually be able to find it at the top-ranking result.

Click on that website scroll down and then right there you can download it. So basically choose the one that you need to download like the one that fits your PC. And then once you’ve downloaded it you actually want to set this up.

So you want to open your files. Or simply click on the file like the download at the left bottom. And then you want to click right there and install this.

So basically run it and then install this. Now I have already done that and then as you can see right there. You want to double click he’s simply on the opening program. And then it’s not gonna launch anything but on the taskbar.

You will actually see the clownfish I can click on it right-click and then click on set voice changer.

Now once you’re there you can view all of these different voices changing effects.

Such as alien clone mutation Tasmantations limitation a male pitch. And female pitch helium pitch and you can also choose baby pitch radio robot. And custom pitches such as these I mean also these sounds effects you can mix it you can use silence. You can play around with the pitch right there but right now I’m gonna explain this

This is right there always a free voice changer for your PC. You can click on clear effect if you don’t want to use it.

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