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Are you finding how to reminding all passwords? You can Write in your Book but it is not a secure way But You need definitely more secure to your password safe on the Internet or Browser.

Today, We will show the Top 5 Best Password Managers to use in 2021. So, this manager List Evaluate by App Design, Security Features, Customer Support, And Price.

Top 5 Best Password Manager Reddit :

5.RoboForm :

A Robo Form is a Greate password manager and it supports multiple platforms like Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox browser, and Support in Android, iOS, Windows Operating System.

A RoboForm KeyFeture is :

  • Unlimited Logins
  • Syncing Across Devices
  • Password Generator
  • Secure Cloud Backup
  • Emergency Access


  • 1 Year For 23.88$
  • 3 Year For 64.44$
  • 5 Year For 99.50$

This is an individual Plan You can select a Family or Business Plan.

4.1Password :

A 1 password is another great password manager this is very secure and safe. So, You can use other features.

1Password KeyFeture is:

  • Secure logins, Notes, and other Sensitive Data like Credit card information
  • This Manager Provide 2-Factor Authentication
  • Biometric Login
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • One password Support all major platforms.
  • This provides a simple interface so, easy to use for newbie users.

Downsides of 1Password:

  • Free Version Not Provide
  • No password strength report
  • No live chat support

3.Last Pass :

A LastPass is number three because it provides more new features for secure your password.

Last pass Key feature:

  • Unlimited login credentials. So, User Can Unlimited Login.
  • Autometica password generator
  • Multi-factor Autentication
  • Synching Across Platforms

This password manager supports various browsers or platforms. The Last Pass Provides Free Version for one month.

Pricing :

  • $3/month (Premium)
  • $4/month (Families)

2.Nord Pass :

NordPass is onther Password Manager Devlope by Maker of NordVPN and NordLocker.

Nordpass Key features:

  • Secure Password Vault
  • Auto-fill
  • Password Generator
  • Sharing
  • Syncing
  • Also, you can save your credit card information.


  • Free 0.00$/month
  • PRemium 2.49$/month

1.Dashlane : Best Password Manager Reddit

A Dashlane is required for frequent online shoppers.

Dashlane key feature:

  • Digital Wallet
  • Password Generator
  • Automatic from completion
  • Password Strength Report


  • Free- the free version allows up to 50 passwords.
  • Premium- 3.33$/month Allows Unlimited password.

This is top 5 best Password Manager Reddit.

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