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Chrome Freezes on Youtube


How to fix freeze on youtube chrome?

YouTube is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world today where people can easily upload their videos and access videos shared by others using this platform. The time may come. In this short troubleshooting video, we will address the issue of Chrome Freezes on Youtube and refreshing the operating system, and removing any corrupted temporary data before taking steps on how to fix it before running any of the recommended troubleshooting steps. It can cause problems

Update Google Chrome

First, in this case, the first thing you need to do is update Google Chrome to make sure your browser is running on the latest version. This ensures that any errors that may be present in older versions are fixed on your computer’s open Chrome. Then click on the three dots located in the upper right corner A drop-down menu appears. Then click on More tools If you update to Google Chrome this button you don’t see, is on the latest version. Next, click on Google Chrome again and check if YouTube freezes after relaunch.

Clear Chrome’s cache and data

Next, clear Chrome’s cache and data Your browser will usually store data which allows it to perform better while there are cases where this data can be corrupted which in turn can cause problems when you clear this cache when opening certain websites You can fix it First, open Google Chrome on your computer, click on the three dots located in the upper right corner.

A drop-down menu appears, then click on More tools Click Clear browsing data. Then when you experience the problem Choose a deadline based on what you started doing. Or if you want to delete everything from scratch. Now check the box for cookies and other site data as well as cached images and files then click on the explicit data.

Turn off hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration uses your graphics card to render videos and images that can provide a better viewing experience in general, although there are some issues, especially if your computer doesn’t have a powerful GPU.

To do this hardware acceleration, first Google Chrome. Click on the three dots located in the upper right corner a drop-down menu appears. Then go to settings scroll down and select the advanced option. Then scroll to the System section and then toggle Use hardware acceleration when available.

Disable your browser extension

Next, disabling your browser extension may extend the way you use your browser, although it may cause some problems to eliminate the possibility of extending YouTube videos to a Chrome issue, you need to disable it at the URL Should try. Bar type input in the URL bar Chrome: // Scroll down to Settings and press and select the Advanced option then scroll down to Reset and clear up to the section on reset and clear the section.

Click Reset to their original default option Then click Reset Settings to confirm users who choose not to reset the browser, manually disable the extension by inserting. The Chrome: // extension in the URL bar then toggle the button for each extension on that tab to check if YouTube is freezing and Chrome issue. Still happens

Update your graphics card drivers

One last thing to update your graphics card drivers to fix this problem is to update your graphics card drivers here. Nvidia Graphics Card first on your Windows search bar type and click on Device Manager and then click on the device’s display adapters. Please Right-click on your graphics cards.

Next to the Manage section and then click Update Driver then Automatically search for drivers. Options Tab Windows will now search for drivers online Waiting for the driver update to complete Restart computer Happens. YouTube Freeze and Chrome Issue Still After Generating Methods Whether You’ve Successfully Fixed, YouTube Frozen on YouTube Chrome Issue

I hope this guide has been helpful

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