9 Most Popular December Global Holidays 2022 You Need to Know


How many December global holidays have you heard of? There are some that might surprise you and others that have been around long before you were born. Here’s a list of the most popular December global holidays in 2022, including explanations and ways to celebrate them so you can be part of this global celebration. And if your favorite December global holiday 2022 isn’t on the list, don’t worry! You can use this list as inspiration for creating your own unique holiday traditions with your family and friends.


If you’re planning a trip this December, you’ll want to be aware of these important global holidays that fall in December. From Christmas and New Year’s Day to birthdays of important world leaders and heroes, there are some major dates that could get in the way of your holiday travel. Make sure to check this list of the top December 9 global holidays 2022 to ensure that your December isn’t ruined by major celebrations on your destination’s calendar!

1.  New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve, December 31, is a December global holiday traditionally celebrated at midnight on December 31.

It was originally a day marking and celebrating calendar milestones or feast days of early Christian saints who would become popular figures in folklore.

Nowadays, people celebrate New Year’s Eve by going out to bars with friends and family and watching as they count down until midnight. Many also greet Happy New Year at 12:00 am when they begin celebrations.

​The celebration usually involves a dinner party where people gather together to eat, drink alcoholic beverages and watch or listen to live music or entertainment. Although often associated with drinking large amounts of alcohol, other traditions are associated with celebrating New Year’s Eve.

2.  Christmas


The holiday season starts with Christmas, which is celebrated on December 25 in many countries around the world. While its origins can be traced back as far as 336 AD, it wasn’t until 496 AD that Pope Gelasius I declared December 25 a Christian holiday. Though other religions observe similar festivals, it remains one of today’s most popular and widely celebrated December global holidays.

3.  Winter Solstice


Winter solstice is an important December global holiday in many cultures around the world. Some holidays are related specifically to religion, such as Christmas, while others are based on tradition, like New Year’s Day.

Whatever your calendar tells you is significant, make sure you celebrate December’s global holidays with friends and family that matter most.

4.  Hanukkah


Hanukkah is celebrated every year on December 12. Considered a minor holiday in Judaism, Hanukkah commemorates one of three miracles that occurred during Jewish times.

For eight days, Jews light candles and eat foods fried in oil as they celebrate their freedom from oppression during ancient times. Because it’s a minor holiday, many people aren’t aware of its significance or when it takes place.

5.  Boxing Day


Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26 as part of the December Global Holidays.

December 26 is known as Boxing Day. The festival started in the United Kingdom during the Middle Ages and is now only celebrated in a few countries.

On this day, begging was common, and collecting boxes for the desperately poor were frequently put in churches, opened, and their contents were given, a ritual that continues in some places. This was the day when slaves were typically granted time off to be with their families during the Christmas season.

6.  Kwanzaa


Kwanzaa is a harvest festival that commemorates African culture and begins on December 26 and runs through January 1.

The week-long event was created in 1966 by Maulana Karenga, an American political activist who wanted to develop a new holiday from African tradition.

Kwanza’s seven principles include –

  • Unity
  • Self-determination
  • Collective work and responsibility
  • Cooperative economics
  • Purpose (or creativity)
  • Faith (or discipline) 
  • Celebration

Each day of Kwanza has its importance, and celebrations include wearing red on Mondays for struggle; black for solidarity; green for community building; and purple for spirituality.

As one of the December global holidays you need to know, Kwanza might be just what you need to add some meaning to your workaholic life!

7.  Yule


Yule is celebrated from December 21 to January 1 as part of the December Global Holidays.

Yule, also known as Yuletide, is a German holiday celebrated across the world. The event has pagan origins, including links to the Norse deity Odin and the Anglo-Saxon Feast of Mdraniht. Yuletide is one of the world’s oldest and most prominent winter festivals since it coincides with the winter solstice.

8.  World AIDS Day


December 1 is World AIDS Day, an opportunity for global citizens to show their support for those living with HIV and those affected by HIV/AIDS. It’s also a day for people worldwide to raise awareness of HIV transmission, prevention, and treatment.

Each year on December 1, UNAIDS and its partner organizations mark World AIDS Day by taking part in more than 80 events in more than 50 countries and territories. They include candle-lit processions, art projects, and free condom giveaways – all aimed at educating and mobilizing local communities about how they can take control of their own lives.

9.  Bodhi Day


Many Buddhist nations celebrate this occasion on December 8. It marks the day when Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha’s founder) attained enlightenment via his teachings.

As a result, it is celebrated with meetings and meditations in which people remain in passive positions for extended periods in order to reflect on their own life choices.

Final Words

Giving meaningful presents in December is the ideal way to express your thanks for all of this year’s successes. Finally, December isn’t only about enjoying yourself; it’s also about preparing ahead and conserving money so that next January will be smooth sailing!

I hope you’ve liked this overview of December festivities and Christmas customs! Keep in mind that you’ll likely be enjoying a few other holidays in December, such as Hanukkah, which runs from December 25 to January 1st or 2nd.

With so many possibilities to share holiday happiness with family and friends, let’s make sure we offer thoughtful gifts or create unique memories with them. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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