Does In N Out Take The Apple Pay?

Does In N Out Take The Apple Pay? Here’s how to add your In-N-Out card to your Apple Pay Wallet! Plus, in case you didn’t know, Apple Pay can be used at lots of stores and restaurants. It even works with the McDonald’s drive-thru. So no more fumbling around with cash or credit cards. Here’s how to add your In-N-Out Apple Pay card to your Wallet!

​You can now add your In-N-Out credit card to your Apple Pay wallet, so you can enjoy all the tasty goodness of the burger chain without ever having to carry around cash or plastic cards. If you’re wondering how to add your In-N-Out card to Apple Pay, this article will show you how along with any important details you need to know before making your next stop at In-N-Out.


With the recent rollout of the Apple Pay mobile payment system, many have been wondering whether or not they’ll be able to use their iPhone or Apple Watch as a way to pay at their favorite locations.

Fortunately, one of America’s most beloved fast-food chains has confirmed that you can indeed use Apple Pay in-store, and you don’t even need to hold your device up to the register for it to work! Here’s how to add In-N-Out Apple Pay as a participating merchant in your Apple Pay Wallet!

Does In N Out Take Apple Pay?

There’s good news for In-N-Out Apple Pay fans who also love their phones. As first reported by TechCrunch, you can now pay for your food at an In-N-Out location using your iPhone or Apple Watch.


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If you’re not already familiar with it, Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that works with many major credit cards (including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) issued by most US banks.

To add In-N-Out to your Wallet, just open up Apple Pay on your phone and follow these steps:

  • Click Add Credit or Debit Card. Click Add Another Card Enter in your card information.
  • Click Add Card. Hold up your phone near any contactless reader at checkout. When prompted, double-tap on either side of iPhone X or double press on either side of Apple Watch Series 4.
  • Click Use Touch ID (if applicable) when prompted Once you see Done, you’re all set.

You’ll be able to use Apple Pay anywhere contactless payments are accepted. Just remember that if someone else uses your device without permission, they could access any credit card added to Apple Pay.

How to add Apple Pay to your iPhone to use at In-N-Out?

Adding Apple Pay to your iPhone is easy; just head into Settings and tap Wallet & Apple Pay. From there, you can add credit cards or debit cards in addition to any gift cards you might have.

To use it at In-N-Out Apple Pay, just hold your phone near any register with your finger on Touch ID. Once it recognizes your fingerprint, you’re good to go. You may also be able to pay with your iPhone by waving it over a contactless terminal, but that depends on both your bank and the store in question.

How to Order at In-N-Out

If you’ve got a thing for fast food, then you might have heard of In-N-Out Burger. The chain serves up tasty burgers, fresh-cut fries, and creamy shakes at locations around California and parts of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Texas.

If you’re thinking about paying with Apple Pay at In-N-Out, here’s how to get set up. This is also helpful if you’re planning on ordering online from I In-N-Out Apple Pay or want to pay via iPad at a physical location.

  • To use it in stores, hold iPhone near the reader until prompted.
  • Or open the Wallet app and tap on your credit/debit card once it appears in Passbook.
  • After tapping to confirm payment, place your finger on the Touch ID sensor until you feel the vibration and hear a beep confirming payment has been made.

How to use Apple Pay In-N-Out?

In order to pay for your meal with Apple Pay, you must first add your In-N-Out receipt information to your Wallet.

  • On your iPhone, open up Wallet and then tap on Add Credit or Debit Card.
  • Once that pops up, go ahead and enter in any information it asks for (name and card number).
  • After that, click on Add a Debit or Credit Card. This takes you to a screen where you either scan in an existing physical card or add a new one.
  • Click on Next and then Done after everything is entered incorrectly.

You’ll receive a confirmation alert when everything has been saved. From there, all you have to do is hold your phone near the payment terminal and let it do its thing.

2 Ways To Use Apple Pay At In-N-Out:

There are two ways to use In-N-Out Apple Pay now. One of them involves ordering directly through their app while standing at the counter, while another requires waiting until your food is ready before paying with it.


Where can you use it?

In-N-Out now accepts Apple Pay. If you’re an In-N-Out Apple Pay customer with a linked credit card, adding your rewards card is as easy as snapping a picture of it. When ready to pay, simply hold your iPhone up to one of its terminals and present your fingerprint if prompted. The purchase will go through, and you’ll be eating in no time. For more information, check out In-N-Out’s official site here.

Does chick fil a take apple pay

Chick-fil-A users of the app will be able to pay for orders using Apple Pay on a regular basis, allowing them to benefit from security measures as well as increased simplicity. Apple Pay does not save credit or debit card numbers on users’ smartphones when they add them to the mobile payment platform.

Does in n out take credit cards?

In order to purchase a product, In-N-Out may require you to enter a credit card number. In order to provide increased security and dependability, credit card transactions are processed by a third-party expert payment clearance provider chosen by In-N-Out.

Places that take the apple pay?

In-N-Out Apple Pay is now one of nearly 700 other places that take Apple Pay. You can add your In-N-Out card from their website, which means you can scan and pay for your next burger even before you pull into a parking spot. The service works with all major credit cards, as well as rewards cards and gift cards which you’ll still have to load into Passbook. But at least it’s another option for your digital Wallet. All things considered, that could mean less time spent at cash registers and more time spent eating In-N-Out burgers.


In 2018, In-N-Out became a mobile payment pioneer by becoming one of Apple’s first retail partners for its new mobile payment system, Apple Pay. When you get your card ready for checkout in an In-N-Out Apple Pay drive-through, you don’t need to do anything special. Just tap it on your phone or your watch and be on your way. You can also use it at the register inside too.