Ethernet Connection Keeps Dropping Windows 10


But many Ethernet Connection Keeps Dropping Windows 10 users are having issues connecting to the internet and some are experiencing frequent connectivity drops. This issue happens when you are connected to a network but getting no internet connection. The signal keeps dropping there are several causes of this issue and it might. Be because of a bad ethernet cable, issues with your modem, service provider problem, and or hardware issue.

The issue of the Ethernet connection is a complex problem. You need to do some process to troubleshoot it before you can determine the culprit.

Fix Ethernet Connection Keeps Dropping Windows 10

In this blog, I will show you how to fix the windows 10 ethernet connection that keeps dropping. We need to start from the very basic and go all the way to slightly difficult procedures.

Step 1: Check everything from the outside

This is the most basic procedure that we need to perform since the issue is the internet. We recommend checking the ethernet cable right away. If was connected firmly from the back of your pc to your modem. If it loosens try to perform a simple unplug and plug procedure to confirm. It was connected correctly do this to your modem as well.

Step 2: Change ports and restart modem

After checking the cable and the connection issue still present. Then you try and insert the ethernet cable to another port of your modem. The change of IP address might be able to fix the issue there is no solid explanation about this procedure but most of the time when. I have issues with my connection I just reinsert it to other ports and the issue is resolved.

Hopefully, we have a similar problem and should fix it after it is introduced and then just unplug. Its power cord to restart your modem and restart it after 30 seconds.

Step 3: Temporarily disable antivirus or firewall

Now since security programs are an important tool in keeping our pc safe from viruses or malware and disabling. It will be critical it doesn’t matter what antivirus. You have it is recommended to temporarily disable it and turn it back on if the issue still occurs.

Turn off the firewall follow this steps:

  • 1: First type windows firewall on the search box
  • 2: At the firewall and network protection section
  • 3: Click on a domain network
  • 4: Then toggle windows firewall on or off
  • 5: Here I am using Microsoft defender as my firewall

A prompt message will appear if you want the app to make changes to your device. Click on yes to confirm go back to the desktop and try using the internet to check. If the issue still occurs if the issue has not been resolved by disabling the firewall. You can do the steps again to turn it back on this is to make sure that your computer is protected.

Step 4: Clear browsing history

If you are regularly using your browser and never clear the browsing history. This might be the cause of the issue it doesn’t matter if what browser. You are using you can simply access its settings and clear the history.

Here I will only be showing you how to clear cache and data on google chrome. If you want to know how to do that in other browsers such as internet explorer, opera, and Firefox browsers. You can check on the article link provided on the.

  • 1: First open google chrome
  • 2: Then click on the three vertical dots located at the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  • 3: At the drop-down menu click on more tools
  • 4: Then click on clear browsing data

In here there is a time range option you can choose between those options according to when. You started to experience the problem or if you want to delete everything to be sure you can select all time.

  • 5: Next make sure the boxes for cookies and other site data as well as cached images and files are both checked.
  • 6: Then click on clear data

After clearing the cache and data of your browser check if the ethernet connection keeps dropping still occurs.

Step 5: Check if the ethernet was enabled or update the adapter

For some reason, there are cases that after an update it won’t automatically. Turn on the ethernet adapter and it won’t allow you to connect to the internet. This is rare to happen but just in case then. It’s worth a try to check if it enables to check to follow these.


  • 1: First press the Windows + R key on your keyboard to open a run dialog box.
  • 2: At the run dialog box type in devmgmt.msc and press enter or click on ok.
  • 3: This will open the device manager section.
  • 4: Next at the device manager section click on network adapters to narrow it down.
  • 5: Then right-click the name of your network adapter to check if it enables or disables.

If the enable option is present click on enable device to turn it on if the issue still occurs.

Then you can try the driver and most likely an older driver is causing it. The problem or updating the connectivity which can solve this problem.

  • 1: First at the device manager section click the drop-down arrow to expand network adapters
  • 2: Click update driver and then click on search automatically for drivers
  • 3: Windows will now search online for drivers wait for the update to complete
  • 4: Once the driver updates and install click on close
  • 5: Next go back to the desktop and check if the ethernet connection keeps dropping windows 10

still occurs

Step 6: Call your service provider

If your pc ethernet cable connection to your modem has no issues but no internet. Then we recommend calling your service provider. It doesn’t matter which provider you’re under as long as there is something wrong with their service. You have to let them know however for those who have a limited monthly plan we recommend checking your data allocation. To determine if your service is not throttle. If so then your connection is okay but your service is slow or limit.

Step 7: Call a tech service or visit the service center

If all procedures didn’t resolve the issue then you can call a tech to check your pc or bring it to the nearest service center.

You pretty much perform all necessary procedures to narrow down the issue hopefully. It was useful to you and it helped fix your problem with the Windows 10 ethernet connection that keeps dropping.

I hope that this guide has been helpful

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