How to Check Power Supply Wattage Without Opening


I’m going to show you today. How to check power supply wattage without opening and this is very easy to do so let us see that power supply wattage without opening.

How to find my PSU?

The power supply of your PC you know how you bought it. Think about it The assumption in this video is that you don’t make your own custom gaming PC. As this means you had to handpick the PSU yourself in which you probably: Already

How to check power supply wattage without opening

The answer to your question However if you have bought a pre-built PC you can check the power supply. If you can find the serial number of your PC. You can use it to identify the power if you know the Mac and model of your PC But in any case. You just have to go to the manufacturer’s website and track the specs for that special build easy pass. Unfortunately, if you don’t have one, this can work even without a specific serial number.

There is no reliable way to check that the pre-built PC and you were not the ones who built it. That the PSU is powering your rig by opening the case and that some of this self-detecting. Power supplies are made by built-in intelligent hubs. You can observe not only the name of your PSU model. Also the fans and other internal components but this is very exceptional and not a rule. So in all likelihood, you have to open your computer case.

The good news is there are many cases that come with different PSU shrouds that help remove cable clutter and improve overall aesthetics especially wait for transparent cases. We said this was good news. The bad news is the PSU routes look inside your PC. Great to make nice but they will completely hide the power supply that we need to physically inspect at this time means you will either have to remove the shroud or recommend removing the PSU completely, as most units have a bottom. We recommend removing the PSU as it has a larger sticker with all the specs. Either way, the PSU will be easier if you get a fully modular or at least a semi-modular PSU then removing the shroud is probably. The easiest option if you have a non-modular power supply.

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