How to Kill All Mobs in Minecraft


Welcome back to another Minecraft blog today I’m gonna be teaching you how to kill all mobs in Minecraft from a world. You might want to do this because you’re creating an adventure map. You don’t want there to be any mob spawning. So you want to go ahead and remove them all. I’m gonna be teaching you how to do that in this blog. Telling you a little bit about all the commands.

How to Remove All Mobs in Minecraft

Such that will help you with that okay so the first thing you’re gonna want to do. Before you actually remove any mobs are you want to make it. So that mobs cannot spawn because if you Minecraft kill all mobs that are in your world. The mobs are just gonna respawn and then you’re just gonna have more. First of all, you need to actually make it so they don’t spawn at all. So what you’re gonna do for that is you’re gonna type /gamerule domobspawning false.

So you’re gonna change the game rule for mob spawning to false meaning that. They won’t spawn anymore which’s false and then click enter. So now the game room for mile spawning has updated to false. Your mobs will no longer spawn in the world so the next command. We’re gonna do is actually going to Minecraft kill all mobs that are in the world.

So for this, you’re gonna use /kill and then on the left, it’s going to ask you what you want to kill and you want to do at @e. Now before you click enter you’ll see that at @e means all entities which means you’re gonna kill everything this also includes yourself. So you want to type in a command that’s going to make it. So you don’t kill yourself but everything else and to do that. You’re gonna do type equals exclamation point which means not and then player. So what this does is it /kill @e kills everything but the players and then you click enter and it will kill them all now what you notice is that the slimes are all still alive.

If you know anything about slimes you know that when you kill them they just become two smaller Slams. So you’re gonna have to type in /kill @e[type=!player] this command two more times to Minecraft kill all mobs of the slimes from your world and tada all of the mobs are now gone including all of the slimes and they will no longer you spawn keep in mind that all entities that you can summon will be killed with this command so for example, an armor stand in a minecart if you run and we’ll also be killed as well to fix.

This you can do the same thing that you do for the player but with the armor stand and the minecart so you can /kill @e[type=!player,type-!armor_stand,type-!minecart] then click enter well that does it for this blog thank you guys so much for reading. I hope this was helpful for you

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