How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop


Friends, today we are going to see how to screenshot on Asus laptop It is very easy to take screenshots whether it is Asus or any other company’s laptop or computer.

How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop

Now we will see how we can take a screenshot in Asus laptop or any other laptop and also see where the screenshot will show you.

You have to do to take a screenshot is just press 2 keys on your keyboard and you can take a screenshot from any laptop or computer and that key is Windows + PrtSc. All you have to do is screenshot any screen. All you have to do is press Windows + PrtSc key simultaneously so your screenshot will fall

Now let’s see where this screenshot will be seen and stored. You can see this screenshot inside the screenshot folder in your pictures of this pc.

This is an easy way to get a screenshot easily.

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