How To Unblock Someone On Twitch


How To Unblock Someone On Twitch, Unblocking them is a bit more complicated. But I am sure that if you read this article carefully and do as you are told, it will not be so difficult.

If you accidentally block someone on twitch, or you’re benevolent to give someone another chance, it’s a little harder to unblock someone again.

Don’t worry, I will teach you…

What is a twitch?

First, a little background: Twitch moved back in 2011 and resumed as Justin’s game-focused spin as F. TV. In 2014, Amazon acquired the parent company, Twitch Interactive.

Since then, Twitch has grown into a go-to streaming destination to support assortments, streaming games (not to be confused with game streaming services), and other entertainment personalities.

Twitch communities have long been dead, but now there is a tagging system. There are three main categories: IRL (for every real person), Creative (in categories such as music and production, travel and outdoors, manufacturers and crafts, and food and drink), and sports genres (such as FPS, MOBA, driving/racing game and Strategy).

Note that everything tagged with the Creative category also falls into the IRL category.

How to unblock people on Twitch: The easiest way

When you want to unblock someone, things get a little more complicated. You can unblock like anyone else by clicking on the previous card and selecting “Unblock”. But this only works for the most recent block.

The problem is, if you block a person a long time ago, you won’t see their messages. If you can’t see their messages, you can’t click on their name to unblock them!

If you know what a username is, you can type [username] to unblock them. However, if you can’t remember their name, you’ll need to work a little harder.

How to unblock people on Twitch using settings

To twist someone on your PC, click your profile in the upper right, then click Settings.


Click the Security and Privacy tab at the top. Scroll down to find the Privacy section and then find the Block User section.


Click Show blocked users. Twitch will load a list of everyone you’ve blocked.


Click on the trash to the right of their name to unblock them.

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How to unblock people on Twitch app on mobile

If you’re using an Android phone, you’ll quickly discover that blocking someone through the official Android app can be a huge pain. This is because, oddly enough, the Android app is missing a feature of the iOS version.

Here are the best ways to unblock username on Twitch on Android and iOS…

How to unblock people on Android

If you’re on Android, you’ll find that the instructions above can follow word for word, until a blocked user list appears. Surprisingly, the blocked user list never made it to iOS.

As such, the fastest and hassle-free way to unblock someone on Android is through It’s a platform-agnostic third-party tool for managing your Twitch account, which includes a list of everyone you’ve blocked.

The website will ask you to log in to Twitch so that it can verify your blocked users. Your login details will not be seen on the website itself.

Once you log in to the website using your Twitch account, you’ll see a list of everyone blocked. Tap X on the right side of the person you want to block option and your icon to unblock it.

If you do not wish to use this method, we would recommend logging in to your Twitch account on a PC to manage your block username list instead.

How to unblock people on iOS

If you use iOS, you’re in luck. Just boot the app and tap on your profile image on the left. Then, tap Account Settings, then Security and Privacy. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see your blocked users.

You can then remove users from their blocked list if you want to be able to receive messages from them again.

Managing People Better on Twitch

If someone is coming at your nerve, you can block it quickly and easily in a twitch. If you decide to unblock it later, it’s easy and quick to do so unless you’re on Android.

In conclusion

I hope you got your answers, “How to unblock someone on Twitch.” If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

There are many other ways in which you can avoid the user from communicating with you. These include:

  • File a user report.
  • Turn on the chat filter.
  • Enable followers-only mode.

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