How to Update Retroarch


While I initially did a walkthrough using the stable version of Retroarch. I failed to mention something important. Retroarch is constantly in development and new features are being added on a pretty. Consistent basis features that you might want to take advantage of before the next stable. Build arrives and so I’ve created this video with that in mind. Let’s get started updating Retroarch is not a straightforward process but it certainly is not a difficult process in the least bit if you installed version 1.7.5 there are two ways to update Retroarch.

the first method is the quickest in the easiest method as it utilizes

  • The new desktop menu option
  • Open Retroarch and
  • Go to show desktop menu
  • From here go to tools online updater
  • And the updated Retroarch option

As you can see nightly is in the parentheses as I understand nightly bills are basically like betas which means they can potentially have bugs if you want to try new features that have been added to the course it is a risk you have to be willing to take clicking on the option will start a download extraction and you should get a notification to ask you to restart Retroarch for the update to take effect.

Manual install update Retroarch

the second option will be similar to the manual install that I did in the initial

  • Go to
  • Go to nightly the nightly folders
  • Click on the Windows folder and choose the 64-bit version
  • This time you want to grab Redist.7z and RetroArch.7z
  • Downloaded both folders
  • Select both files the ctrl key will
  • Allow you to select multiple files once
  • You have both of them selected
  • Do a right-click on the mouse
  • Menu and select extract files
  • The folder where you install retro

The photo selected hit okay and the program will start to update you will be prompted to overwrite a file say yes to all none of your saved settings will be overwritten in the process as soon as the extraction completes you are all updated.

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