iPhone flashlight is not working


How frustrating is it when you need your iPhone flashlight, but it isn’t working? Your flashlight mysteriously stops working, or perhaps it turns on when you don’t want it to, and you’re desperate to fix the problem once and for all. Luckily, with some troubleshooting steps and tips, you can figure out why your iPhone flashlight isn’t working and get back to enjoying one of your favorite apps in no time! Here are some common reasons why your iPhone flashlight might not be working, along with tips on how to fix them.

The Basics

The most common reason why your flashlight is not working on your iPhone is that it’s turned off. The flashlight may be off simply because you haven’t yet enabled it—it won’t work unless you turn it on in settings. If it doesn’t appear to be a simple setting issue, take a look at your phone for any physical damage. If there are no visible cracks or dents, have your phone checked out by an Apple Store technician if possible.

Update Your Software

If anyone is wondering why my flashlight is not working on my iPhone, your flashlight is not working on my iPhone because your iOS software is out of date.

To get it working again, you’ll need to update your software—not just for your flashlight, but for other basic apps like Contacts and Siri as well.

Close the Camera app

If your camera flash isn’t working, it could be because of a few different reasons.

For example, if you try to take a picture and there’s no shutter sound (or if you can see a red light on top of your phone when it’s turned on), that means your camera is open and therefore ready to take a photo.

Reset Your Settings

The flashlight setting on your phone is tied to a number of other settings, so resetting your settings will help narrow down why your flashlight won’t turn on.

  • First, tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.
  • Then, tap Reset All Settings again in confirmation.
  • This will reset all of your phone’s settings and may solve your problem. If not, move on to another solution listed below.

Plug It in

Before you panic, check to make sure your phone is fully charged.

If it still doesn’t work, plug it into a computer using a Lightning cable and wait at least 10 seconds.

Next, try rebooting your device by holding down both volume buttons and power button until you see a slide to power off on-screen; once you slide that bar, wait another 20-30 seconds.

Now turn your device back on.


Why is my flashlight not working on my iPhone? It’s really simple to turn on and off. Turn your camera flash off in your settings, and that should fix it. Otherwise, try updating your software, then restarting your phone. If you can’t figure out why the flashlight is not working on the iPhone problem has occurred, I’d suggest taking it to an Apple store or somewhere else where there are real professionals who can diagnose and solve problems like why is my flashlight? Not working with ease.

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