Malwarebytes Cannot Turn On Web Protection


Hello friends, today I am going to take you to the solution of Malwarebytes cannot turn on web protection. This solution is very simple. All you have to do is make a few settings.

So let’s see how we can solve can’t turn on the web protection

How to Fix Malwarebytes that cannot turn on web protection?

First, open Malwarebytes and go to the protection option and check if turns on. And if not, close the Malwarebytes and come out.

  • 1: Now right-click on Malwarebytes.
  • 2: Go to properties and click on compatibility.
  • 3: Go there and check run this program as an administrator.
  • 4: Then apply and give ok.

That’s all there was to it and now you can open and check the Malwarebytes. The problem that can’t turn on the web protection must have been solved.

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