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What’s up ladies and gentlemen today we’re talking about how to fix a ram not detected that doesn’t use all available ram. Let me explain what that is first before we get started.

Now imagine you have 16 gigs of ram but imagine your computer is only reporting eight. Now your computer your bio shows fine that you have 16 but when you go to your windows. You only see like eight gigabytes utilization and don’t go over eight gigabytes. I have 32 gigs of ram on my computer. So my situation would have been something like i have 32 but my computer is only using like 10 or 12 or 16.

So on and so forth now I want you to remember something don’t confuse the situation with something like if. You have 16 gigabytes of ram and your windows are only using like 14 gigabytes of ram it is not a problem. It’s just that your windows are just not using the other portion of ram or maybe.

You’re just not noticing it or maybe you’re not taxing your computer enough or maybe. You’re playing a video game but you’re not really checking your task manager by the way. You can open up the task manager that I just did right-click. On your start menu and click on the task manager you can also alternatively bring it back up by control shift escape okay. So now let’s get to the fix the way to fix it is first to close everything up go to your start menu right click on your start menu click on run in the run type msconfig.

16GB = 16384MB

I’ll pause it over here again ms config just like you see it over here then press ok once. You press ok go to boot and here you’re going to see an option that says advanced options. Click on advanced options on the right side you’re going to see maximum memory. As you can see it’s detecting the right amount of memory.

So I really don’t have to do anything but for you if your computer is ram not detected all the memory. That you have physically you’re going to type in how much exactly how much memory. You have don’t type in 16 000 if you have sixteen gigabytes.

If you have 16 gigs of memory it’s got to be multiple of 1024 because one megabyte is 1024 kilobytes okay. Now that you got that uh then when you’re done sorry when you’re done doing that just press ok. I don’t want to reduce the amount of memory.

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