Red Dead Redemption 2 crashing: How To Solve


Today I will show you how to fix the red dead redemption 2 crashing fixes. so friends if you want to fix this crash please follow the steps carefully and don’t skip any steps.  

if you will skip any step you will be not able to fix this issue.

Steps to Solve red dead redemption 2 crashing problem:

so first of all you have to open the windows menu and search for the firewall and click on the first option.

Click on the inbound rule and then the new rule and then click on the program and then next
then click on browse and search for your game folder in the game folder search for the launcher.exe file and click open.

Then next and click on the block this connection then click on next n  name it is rdr2 and then finish  then you have to do the same for an outbound rule Search for the control panel.

And open it click on clock and region and then date and time then set the date in time.

Then click on ok close all of the windows and run the game as administrator.

I hope this will fix the crashing problems if not then please comment me down in the comment section.

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