Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change


Schlage locks are some of the most common residential door locks used in North America, and they’re popular for a reason. Schlage locks have always been reliable and easy to use, but what happens when you have to change the battery? This guide will teach you what to do if the Schlage lock is not working after the battery change and how to change the battery in your Schlage lock properly to get back to using your lock and keep your home safe.


​Schlage locks are high-quality products, but they still can suffer from problems like other common electronic devices. However, if you change the battery and still can’t get the Schlage lock to work, there might be another problem that needs to be addressed. This article will help you troubleshoot issues with your Schlage lock not working after the battery change to make sure that you don’t run into any additional problems in the future with the device.

Determine Which Model Door You Have

Schlage makes many different styles of deadbolts and locks, so it’s important to determine which model door you have before ordering a new battery.

The easiest way to do that is by checking for a model number or serial number on your lock. If you can’t find either of those, take note of how many pin tumblers there are in your lock. If you can see 4-6 in your keyhole, you have a model 660.

Remove Old, Dead Batteries

When your lock no longer works, it’s a sure sign that one or more of its batteries is dead. The first step in fixing your lock is removing all batteries and replacing them with new ones.

Even if you think they are still good, it’s worth taking precautions by using fresh ones.

Put in New Batteries

If your Schlage lock is not working after the battery change, the first thing you should do is to put in new batteries. Because batteries lose their charge over time, it’s best to have new ones on hand before changing them. And be sure not to mix old and new batteries!

If a Diode is Present, Swap Those Too

It’s also possible your doorbell isn’t working because you need to replace a diode. You can do that by swapping out old wires with new ones.

Consult your user manual for instructions on locating your diode and changing it out.

If your lock is equipped with one,

  • Remove and re-install your battery after completing these steps.
  • Double-check all wires to ensure they’re seated securely before giving it another try!

Check if Power is Being Sent Through the Latch

The most common cause of a dead battery is that power isn’t getting through to your latch. This can happen because you’ve got an old, failing battery or your home’s doorbell wires aren’t strong enough.

If either of these is true, you need to replace your doorbell and/or upgrade your wiring to fix it.


Schlage locks are well known for their superior performance and do not require much maintenance. Try these steps first if you run into trouble with your lock. They may be enough to fix your problem before resorting to contacting a locksmith. If you do call a professional, try to get more information about what caused your Schlage lock not working after battery Change to prevent it from happening again.

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