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Script Hook V Critical Error: FIX


So What is up guys welcome back to another short tutorial. If you have just installed mods into your GTA 5. And when you are trying to run your game. You are facing a script hook v critical error problem there can be several reasons. For a game crash but for this error, the reason can be trainer 5.

Reason and Solution to fix this error:

The game is crashing by saying script doc 5 critical error fatal the cannot find native and some code. So the reason behind this is the trainer 5. the trainer 5 asc file is not compatible with the game version.

You are running on as you can see in my case I have version 1.41 online. And if I go search this thing when was this version released. It comes up with October 2017 and the trainer you are using right now is the latest one.

Which is not compatible with your game version. So you just have to download an older version of trainer 5.

which will be compatible with your game version so as you can see version 1.41. I have was released in October 2017. So I have to find the trainer 5 version.

which was released just after the game was released. So you can see there have been a lot of versions for trainer 5 which were released after version 1.41 of GTA 5.

Check and Download Your Version Here

So let’s go ahead and download this 13.1 version. Which was released in April 2021. if it doesn’t work for you then you can go for some older versions.
And if you have the latest version then make sure you use the latest version of trainer 5.

So once the file is downloaded. Now let’s go into it let’s copy these files into our GTA 5 root directory and now run your game.

Now the problem is fixed and the game is loaded. So if this fix works for script hook v critical error. Make sure to write a comment below. And if any problem tells me we solve your problem.

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