SKSE64 Not Working : How to Fix


How To Fix SKSE64 Not Working

Let’s go guys today I’m gonna show you how to fix SKSE64 not working. It’s not compatible with this version of SKSE64 not working. They were on this is a first-time special edition only but it’s the same general rule the first time. So you’re gonna want to come over here to steam DVD info. That’s the website that we’re gonna be using. It’s type in Skyrim here in the search bar and clicks search and it should be the first one.


Make Note


At the top of the list, it is for me anyway The Elder Scrolls v: Skyrim Special Edition. So you’re gonna want to come here and copy this app ID. Right here Ctrl + C and then stick it over here in a notebook. You should probably pull out your notebook and write it down. Some things here similar to what I have and then just post this over app ID.

We’re just gonna write down a couple of codes and then we’re gonna type them into the command box. And steam and it’s gonna revert Skyrim back to an older version. That is compatible with SKSE64 not working in this case the most recent version of Skyrim. Before this newest update so and then after that you’re gonna click on app ID.


Then come down here and select US dollar if that is when. If you are in the US that’ll just select that country for you. That version though scary so then come over. Here to depose and you’re gonna look for Skyrim Special Edition.exe that’s the one we’re looking for and this is the depot ID. That we’re gonna copy down here so go ahead and copy that. Stick it over here in your notebook over depot ID and then click on the depot ID.


First time or special edition.exe go ahead and click on that little code and then come over here to manifests. Now, there are all the different versions that you can select from over this game. There’s only ten or so eight maybe this most recent one here this is not the one. You want this is from five days ago it’s not currently compatible with SKSE64 not working issue is the version that we have available. Now you want this one from five months ago the most recent one that we’ve all been playing on. So go ahead and copy that manifest code and stick it over here and your notepad.

Steam App Launch

Then we’re just going to modify our steam launcher app that you might have done. This but right-click on your Steam app and go to Properties and then after this. You’re going to type space – no space between consoles – and just console.

No period like this till the end, nothing like here and hereafter. You’re clicking OK to apply and this little console option is going to change your steam to give here. Where you can write commands and sets you can see if I have already done this.

I went to the practice room for a while. So now we will just type everything to download from here. Depot is the command and then this goes on to proceed and copy and paste it here and make a space between then and next and our next code which is our application id and make sure to copy it.


That there is another space and then the space between our depot id and then the last manifest and now don’t click away yet we’re done and then click to enter where you are going to paste so it’s going to Download, if you type it correctly and then it will be downloaded for a short period, it should only take a few seconds and it will tell you where this new version of Skyrim downloaded it, it should go under the program files 86 Steam Steam app.

File Transfer (Drag and Drop)


Content and it should be a new folder there so go to program files here and find steam and then go to steam apps and then content and it should have this new folder here this is the version that just downloaded the old version and that Just proceed to this folder here and there Open a new file explorer and we’ll send it to the side here and your Skyrim data folder will find your entire Skyrim folder that you should be able to find it in Steam apps and then come down here and this is the current version of Skyrim that we don’t want.

So go ahead and right-click on it and delete it now I have already done so you drag this new one just downloaded. It to this separate folder and drag it here and fix it in the new folder from here so that Skyrim for you right away The older version will be installed and then you want to launch your scissor loader, this is mine I proceeded.

So let’s hope he fixes it for you. I hope you guys enjoy the blog.

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