What is a good SAT score?


Are you interested in enrolling in college studies in the United States? Then learn what constitutes a good SAT score and how it is calculated. Find the lowest score required for admission to popular universities in the United States.


Many students interested in studying abroad, specifically in the United States, have heard of the SAT, or Scholastic Aptitude Test. This exam is well-known across the world, and it is approved by a few universities outside of the United States. Those wishing to study in the United States, on the other hand, may find that taking the SAT exam will make their college admissions process easier.

Students taking the SATs can learn how the test is graded and what a great SAT score is for admission to a reputable college in another nation. So first, let us learn what a good SAT score is and how the exam is structured.

What is SAT?

A Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a standardized worldwide level entrance exam administered by the College Board for admissions purposes at colleges and universities across the world. The SATs are conducted on behalf of the College Board by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Universities accept SAT scores to assess a student’s intellectual skills. In addition, students’ Exam results are used to receive scholarships.

The SAT score is released by the College Board, the SAT’s governing body, within one or two weeks of the SAT exam being completed successfully on a set SAT test day. Following the publishing of the SAT test score, the next critical step is to transmit the SAT score to the chosen or desirable university for study abroad.

After 10 days of the announcement of the SAT result, the score is delivered immediately from the SAT testing center to the institutions indicated at the time of SAT registration, or students can decide to submit the SAT score instantly to wanted colleges.

It is not difficult to send SAT results to colleges and universities. Students taking the SAT exam should concentrate on getting the highest possible score instead of thinking about how to transmit their SAT score to universities following the exam.

A great SAT score can help you get into top universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and other countries.

What is a Good SAT Score?

For admission to a specific field, many colleges have their own SAT Score criteria. While a strong SAT score is required for admission to a particular college overseas, it is not the only factor that determines admission. Academic background, letters of reference, extracurricular activities, enthusiasm, and so on are some of the additional aspects that are taken into account.  For college admission to the world’s top colleges, a minimum SAT composite score of 1200 is considered an excellent score.

A student with SAT score of 1350 or higher in India will be considered for one of the SAT India Top Performing Scholarships.

When referring to a good SAT score, a student must consider the following criteria:

1. Verify the SAT Need of the Particular University

Applicants should verify the minimum SAT score requirement at the selected college before taking the SAT and attempt to score at least the minimum SAT score for entrance.

2. Know the Importance of a Good SAT Score

The perfect SAT score is not only required for entrance into institutions, but it may also assist a student in obtaining a scholarship and fulfilling financial needs.

3. Get the Highest SAT Scores

Rather than focusing on the minimum SAT score necessary for admission to a specific college, students should try as much as possible for the highest SAT score. It not only boosts a candidate’s chances of being accepted into a good college, but it also qualifies him or her to apply for scholarships.

U.S. Citizens


International Students


Middle 50% score range of Admitted students (25th and 75th percentile)

SAT Math780, 800
SAT ERW720, 770
ACT Math34, 36
ACT English35, 36
ACT Composite34, 35

Distribution of SAT Scores (Math)

 ApplicantsAdmitsAdmit Rate
< 60032900%

Distribution of SAT Scores (ERW)

 ApplicantsAdmitsAdmit Rate

What is the Percentile Ranking on the SAT?

To decide on a good SAT score, you must clearly understand the many features of SAT exam. An SAT percentile score is determined by the overall SAT score (1600) and section-wise SAT score (800). Now use an example to better grasp what an SAT percentile is.

Assume a student’s SAT percentile is 80. It indicates that the student scored higher than 80% of all SAT test-takers. Examine the SAT score chart for 2020 and the related SAT percentile:

Percentile for the SAT of 2020

SAT Total Score RangeSample percentileSAT user Percentile
620-680> 1-2> 1-2
620 & Below> 1> 1

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