What type of processor memory is located on the processor chip (processor die)?


What type of processor memory do you think is located on the processor chip? Good.

To understand the concept of the type of processor located on the processor chip, let us first know the basic definition of what is processor memory and processor chip?

The type of processor memory is located on the processor chip

To talk about processor memory, we can divide the word into two parts:

  • Processor
  • Memory

The processor needs memory to process the data. Whatever operation is performed in the processor, the result is stored in some memory. Let’s study how the data will be stored in memory and the operation of the processor.

The processor works based on the instructions given to them and these instructions will also be stored in memory.

Memory has a hierarchical structure. The following figure represents the structure of memory.

Memory is arranged based on its performance.

  • The first type of memory is the register. Due to the small size of the processor, it is directly connected to the register.
  • It does not store all the data required by the processor in the register, it needs a space named cache memory.
  • Processor memory is located on level 1 cache memory.
  • There are different levels of cache memory inside a computer. Before discussing the types of cache memory, let’s look at the types of memories in a computer. A hard disk is a type of memory that contains a fast rotating disk.

These discs are also called platters. The note speed of this drive is 5400 or 7200 RPM. The speed of this hard disk is very slow as it is inserted as it is a normal rotating part. These hard disks range from 50 to 100 Mbps. The processor is also capable of accessing data at high speeds, but we cannot get data through a hard disk at the same rate. So we use random access memory for fast access rate.

To access data at the same time, RAM cannot provide data at the same time so we use cache memory. Cache memory which we also call static random access memory. And the size of memory is in kilobytes and megabytes.

Level 1 Cache Memory

The first type of cache is a level 1 layer also called L1 cache. Only a small amount of data integrated into the central processing unit. The CPU has a main 1 level cache and will operate at the same speed. So, Level 1 cache is the fastest cache of all. So we use L1 cache processor memory in the processor chip.

In level 1, again there are two types of cache. They are

  • Instruction cache
  • Data Cache

Instruction Cache

It stores all the necessary instructions through the central processing unit

Data cache

It stores the required data through the central processing unit.

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